Turkey surprised and delighted us. It’s a very strange mix of modern cities, completely backwards little villages, and everything in between. There are enough historical sites to keep even the most hardcore history buffs occupied for years, the food is generally delicious (though a little repetitive), and outdoor enthusiasts won’t be disappointed either. Here are all our posts from Turkey:


As for our travels throughout the country, here are a couple of maps that illustrate our route:

Our route through Turkey

Our route through Turkey.

Our travels throughout Cappadocia

Our travels throughout Cappadocia.

Here are a few of the better pics that we snapped along the way:

Istanbul locals conversing

Istanbul locals conversing. This picture would have been perfect if not for that plastic bag in the background.

Outside the Blue Mosque

Outside the Blue Mosque.

Blue Mosque at sunset

Blue Mosque at sunset.

The impressive Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

The impressive Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

Inside the Hagia Sophia

Inside the Hagia Sophia.

Rock formations in Cappadocia

Rock formations in Cappadocia.


  • Many guidebooks say that you shouldn’t drive in Turkey. In fact, we found most drivers to be quite courteous and the roads to be quite safe. Cappadocia in particular was easy to navigate — and the rental cars were dirt cheap. If you want to rent a car, do so in Cappadocia. Do not use a web portal (like Kayak.com) to reserve a car. Just walk into a local agency and pay 1/3 the Internet price!
  • Don’t get suckered into buying a carpet unless you want one. If you don’t, stay out of the carpet stores.
  • Though most restaurants appear to serve nothing but meat, vegetarians can happily order mezze platters. These plates have plenty of great veg appetizers, so you won’t go hungry.
  • Trains are OK, though hit and miss. If you book train trips, allow 5 or 6 hours for delays (in other words, don’t book a flight 3 hours after your train is due to arrive in Istanbul. It’s probably a bad idea).
  • You’ll see lots of street dogs and cats all over the country. Strangely enough, the people of Turkey take good care of these animals and won’t be offended if you decide to feed them. Even restaurant owners make an effort to give the animals a little bit of food!

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