We love Tanzania! We spent about 3 weeks in the country and had a great time: a safari, a visit to a coffee plantation, a climb up Kilimanjaro, a week in Zanzibar, etc. etc. What could be better than that?

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Here’s the route that we followed during our 3 weeks in the country. As you can see, Robin went on safari to to the Serengeti, while Pierre hiked up Kilimanjaro. Then we reunited for a week in Zanzibar:

Our route through Tanzania

Our route through Tanzania: A week in Moshi, followed by a week on safari / climbing Kili, and another week on Zanzibar.

Our return through Nairobi and Moshi

Our return to Europe, through Nairobi and Moshi.

Some of our better pictures are below:

Samuel the coffee grinder

Samuel the coffee grinder. He's 18 months old in this picture!

Freshly roasted coffee

Freshly roasted coffee in the foothills of Kilimanjaro.


Chameleon, also in the foothills of Kilimanjaro.

Drinking banana beer

Drinking banana beer a little outside Moshi.


Lion in the Serengeti.

Zebras drinking

Zebras drinking.

Animal explosion!

Animal explosion!

Lava Tower camp on Kilimanjaro

Lava Tower camp on Kilimanjaro.

Crater Camp on Kili

Crater Camp on Kili.

At the summit of Kilimanjaro

At the summit of Kilimanjaro.

Zanzibari women collect seafood along the coast

Zanzibari women collect seafood along the coast.


  • Restaurant food takes a loooong time. Either place your order ahead of time, or expect to wait for a while. In some [infrequent] cases, it never comes.
  • If you’re staying in Moshi, a good hotel is Bristol Cottages. It’s clean, roomy, cheap ($60/night), the restaurant is good, and it’s centrally located. That also means that you’ll hear the mosque at 5:00 am every morning. Boo.
  • Moshi also has a great Indian restaurant: El Rancho. Yes, they really serve Indian Food. No, we don’t know where they got the name.

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