Madagascar turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. Sure, it’s a developing country with areas of pothole-filled roads, overcrowding, poverty, and poor sanitation, all of which is to be expected, but what really surprised us is the general attitude of the people when it comes to the environment. The people of Madagascar have deforested over 90% of their country, and they don’t seem to care very much about it (and neither does the government). It’s quite sad and very shocking.

Our posts from Madagascar can be found here:

Our route through the country is illustrated below:

Our route through Madagascar

Our route through Madagascar: We landed in Antananarivo, and then drove (over 2 days) to the Kirindi reserve and Morondava on the west coast. Then we got back in the 4x4 and drove (over 2 days) to the east coast. We visited Andasibe National Park and spent 4 days on Ile Ste-Marie, then drove all the way back to Antananarivo for the flight to Tanzania.

Following are some of our best pictures from our 11-day visit:

Avenue of the Baobabs

Avenue of the Baobabs near Morondava.

Baobab & the Moon

Baobab & the moon, also near Morondava.

Baobabs and the Moon

Baobabs and the moon, at the Avenue des Baobabs.

Baobabs @ Sunset

Baobabs @ Sunset.

Rattan lemurs for sale on the side of the road

Rattan lemurs for sale on the side of the road.

Cool sunrise over Ile Ste-Marie

Cool sunrise over Ile Ste-Marie, as seen from the ferry at 6:15 in the morning.

Cute nocturnal lemur hanging out

Cute nocturnal lemur hanging out in the morning. Though some lemurs are only active at night, they occasionally come out for some sunshine (and warmth).

White lemur in a tree

White lemur (Verreaux's sifaka) in a tree in the Kirindi Reserve.


  • When driving in Madagascar, you will undoubtedly be stuck behind some smoking piece ‘o shit vehicle. It might be a semi-trailer POS, a minivan POS, a 4×4 POS, or a regular passenger car POS, but it’ll be smoking and belching noxious fumes. It’s unavoidable, and the fumes will find their way into your vehicle (which may also be smoking and burning oil). Try to pass the POS as soon as possible, or risk death by asphyxiation.
  • Bring toilet paper with you everywhere you go.
  • Try not to stay at the Hotel Baobab in Miandrivazo or the Hotel Miramar in Toamasina. They’re both pretty gross, and we wouldn’t recommend them to anyone. The problem is that there isn’t much in these towns, but there’s gotta be something better than those 2 places!
  • Thumbs up to Hotel La Crique on Ile Ste-Marie.
  • Also a big thumbs up to La Varangue in Antananarivo. The hotel is pretty good, and so is their restaurant (arguably the best in the capital), and their free WiFi is the fastest we found during our 6 weeks in Africa.

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Madagascar (Aug 9-20, 2011)

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