Sadly, Luxembourg was not a very exciting country to visit. That’s not to say that we didn’t enjoy it — it was really calm and relaxing — but there’s just not that much energy to the place. Unless, that is, you’re running a half marathon in the middle of the city! We were lucky enough to run with thousands of spectators lining the racecourse, and the cheering was spectacular. If you want to read more about our race, click here.

As for our route through Luxembourg, it was pretty simple: Take train from Geneva → Luxembourg, take train from Luxembourg → Milan. End of trip! Here’s the route:

Map of Our Route Through Luxembourg

Map of Our Route Through Luxembourg

The marathon and half marathon map is pretty interesting, and you can find the PDF version here:

2011 ING Luxembourg Marathon Race Course

2011 ING Luxembourg Marathon Race Course.

Here are the best pics of the city / country:

The Luxembourg Palace in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Palace in Luxembourg. It really is a beautiful building, and it's not too ostentatious -- for a palace.

Details of the Luxembourg Palace

Details of the Luxembourg Palace. There were lots of gilded, wrought iron elements to the building.

Details of the Palace's Roof

Details of the Palace's Roof: Lots of beautiful towers and weather vanes (or whatever those things are)!

Upper and Lower Cities of Luxembourg

Upper and Lower Cities of Luxembourg. The city is divided into the "Ville Haute" and "Ville Basse" quarters.


  • There really isn’t that much to do in Luxembourg. Unless you’re into banking and finance, there’s probably no overwhelming reason to visit the city. It is pretty, however, but it’s not worth staying for longer than 1 or 2 days.
  • If you’re into running, though, try to run the ING Luxembourg Marathon or Half Marathon. The course is great, the people are even better, and the finish line is, uh, downright trippy!

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