We only spent 1 night in Kenya, so all we got to see was Nairobi — at night. We don’t want to rush to judgment, but it seemed similar to security-conscious South Africa. There were lots of large armed security guards everywhere (they even checked the trunk of our taxi when we entered the hotel compound) with big guns. It just doesn’t seem like a really nice place to live, but we could be wrong.

Our route through Kenya

Our route through Kenya.

Obviously we don’t have any great pictures (it was dark when we arrived and dark when we departed), but we do have one good beer picture from the hotel restaurant:

Tusker Beer from Kenya

Tusker Beer from Kenya, which is different than Tusker from Tanzania.


  • If you have to spend a short amount of time in Kenya (ex: 24 hours), ask for a “transit visa” at the airport. It’s only $20 vs. $60 for a regular tourist visa.
  • There are only 2 restaurants in the departure area at the Nairobi airport. One serves pretty decent burritos (yum!) and takes Kenyan shillings, euros, or US dollars. The other restaurant sucks.

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