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Here’s the route that we followed around the country. Basically, we traveled in one big loop, from Tokyo to Nagano to Kanazawa to Kyoto to Kawaguchiko, and finally back to Tokyo. The Nagano to Kanazawa trip, however, consisted of a ridiculous detour because of snow in the mountains. Oh well, live and learn:

Our route through Japan

Our route through Japan.

As for some of the better pictures, here are a few. Others can be found in our posts:

A geisha arrives at a temple

A geisha arrives at a temple in Kanazawa.


Sensō-ji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo.

Temple in Kyoto

Temple in Kyoto.

Snow Monkey outside Nagano

Snow Monkey outside Nagano.

More Snow Monkeys

More Snow Monkeys.

Gigantic Shinto gate in Kyoto

Gigantic Shinto gate in Kyoto.

Buddha in Nagano

Buddha in Nagano.


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