The Czech Republic was another great stop in Europe, though tourists are now flocking to the country and prices have escalated accordingly. When Robin first went to Czech in 2001, it was rather undiscovered. Here’s a link to our only blog post about Prague, Plzen, and Olomouc:

And here’s the route that we followed. Note that the Czech train system isn’t anything close to the Swiss, French, or German systems. The trains are a little beat up (most cars don’t have AC) and don’t go very fast:

Our route through the Czech Republic

Our route through the Czech Republic.

Here are some of our better pics from the trip:

Prague Castle

Prague Castle.

Inside the cathedral @ Prague Castle

Inside the cathedral @ Prague Castle.

The Dancing House

Frank Gehry's Dancing House in Prague

Astronomical clock in Prague

Astronomical clock in Prague's Old Town Square.

Prague at night

Prague at night, with the Charles Bridge in the foreground.

"You're fired!"

"It's overcooked again, you idiot. Now go back to the kitchen and learn how to roast a proper duck!"

Pilsner Urquell's iconic gate

Pilsner Urquell's iconic gate.


  • If you don’t like crowds, stay away from Old Town Square during the day. And the night. It’s full of tourists.
  • Don’t try to do laundry in Prague. It’s a nightmare. It’s particularly bad at the Laundry Land @ Cerna Ruze Shopping Center, Na Prikope 12, 1st floor. DO NOT GO THERE UNLESS IT’S YOUR ONLY OPTION. We hate them with a passion. Besides, it’ll take all freakin’ day to do your laundry. Absurd. Going “commando” for a few days might be better than dealing with these people.
  • If you can, try some Afghan food while you’re there. It’s delicious, and there are at least a couple of places in the Old Town.
  • Pilsner Urquell is delicious. It’s even more delicious when you’re in the Czech Republic.


  1. Ed
    August 4, 2011

    Are you posting photos soon..? I love seeing the real Pilsener Urquell…

    • Pierre
      August 7, 2011

      They’re coming! Look for a Czech Republic post soon w/ good pics.


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