When we got back to Amsterdam, following 6 weeks in Africa, we thought we’d slow down a bit and spend a few weeks in once place. Then Robin saw some cheap Ryanair tickets for the Canary Islands so we headed back to the airport. You can read about our trip to Lanzarote here:


You can see our route on the following two maps:

Our flights in and out of Lanzarote

Our flights in and out of Lanzarote.

Our route around Lanzarote

Our route around Lanzarote.

As for some of the better pictures that we snapped around the island, you can find them below:

Green lagoon in El Golfo

Green lagoon in El Golfo.

View from the Mirador del Rio

View from the Mirador del Rio.


  • A Fiat Grande Punto has some pretty lousy headlights, especially when it’s pitch black outside. Use the brights, and be careful if you rent one. Drive slowly!
  • Visit the wineries, but stay away from most of the reds. Lanzarote produces some excellent whites and ros├ęs, but the reds kinda suck. In some cases, they suck a lot!
  • Get out of Arrecife and Puerto del Carmen as fast as you can. Staying in those towns is like going to Vegas and staying at the Paris Las Vegas and telling people that you’ve visited France.


  1. Ed
    August 28, 2011

    Robin–what are you doing on your birthday? I presume the Canary Islands was part of the plan.

    • Robin
      August 30, 2011

      The plan includes beach time, a good run, and lots of yummy Lanzarote wine!


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