On this page you can find some of our most memorable photos from Argentina, along with a few comments, hard-learned lessons and/or observations and/or warnings to others, and generally interesting stuff that pertains to the country. Our blog posts (aka journal entries) for Argentina can be found by clicking on this link:


Following are a few maps that highlight our route through Argentina. Dates are included so that you can see how long we stayed in each location:

Map of our trip through Argentina

Map of our trip through Argentina. You can see a zoomed in map of the El Calafate region below. Click the map to see a larger image.

Detailed map of the El Calafate (Southern Patagonia) region

Detailed map of the El Calafate (Southern Patagonia) region. Click on map for larger image, or visit the Chile section of this site for more information on our visit to Torres del Paine from April 12-15.

Our last few days in Argentina

Our last few days in Argentina...

Here are a few of our better photos of the country. There are plenty more in the individual journal entries:

Statue of General Belgrano in front of the Casa Rosada

Statue of General Belgrano in front of the Casa Rosada in Buenos Aires. Belgrano was an economist, lawyer, politician, and military leader who fought in the Argentine Wars of Independence. He also created the Argentine flag.

Estancia La Porteña, San Antonio de Areco

Estancia (aka ranch) La Porteña, in San Antonio de Areco, about 2 hours outside of Buenos Aires. A "Porteña/Porteño" is a resident of Buenos Aires.

Perito Moreno glacier

Perito Moreno glacier, about 80 km west of El Calafate.

Calving glacier

Massive chunk of ice calving off the Perito Moreno glacier. The face of the glacier is about 50 - 60 meters tall (160 - 200 ft).

Fitz Roy

Monte Fitz Roy in Los Glaciares National Park.

Mountain Bikers, Bariloche

Mountain bikers getting towed up a fire road in Bariloche, Argentina. It's quite common to see crazy/dangerous activities like this!


  • Don’t go to La Boca in Buenos Aires. There’s not much to see and it’s considered dangerous if you stray from the main avenues. There are better parts of the city to visit.
  • The BsAs subway is a great deal and gets you where you want to go. It’s not air-conditioned, though.
  • As a pedestrian or runner or cyclist, don’t expect any respect from cars in Argentina. They will not stop for you.
  • We didn’t find a single place to get good pizza. We don’t think it exists anywhere in Argentina, but we highly recommend Azafrán in Mendoza, Pura Vida in El Calafate, and Astrid y Gastón in BsAs. Yum!

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