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I was watching Al-Jazeera in a hotel room in Moshi, Tanzania when the breaking news came in – an explosion in downtown Oslo. My heart sank. It appeared that a place we had just visited, and loved, and felt safe in, was no more protected from modern-day violence than anywhere else. As the tragic news continued to unfold that day, my feelings of grief for Norwegians were compounded by the sad and angry realization that no place is immune from hatred and stupidity. As we have discussed on this blog, Norway was about as close to a utopian society as we’ve seen anywhere – or so we thought. Now, there is a sense of innocence lost; a foreboding; an awareness of imminent change. I can only hope that this tragedy will unite Norwegians of all stripes into an even stronger society as they work together to shun intolerance and violence.

I am grateful that we were able to visit the country before this tragedy, and heartbroken to know it is likely changed forever, in at least some small way.

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  1. Ed
    August 1, 2011

    Sadly, this kind of thing has been brewing in Scandinavia for some time. Sweden has also suffered from reaction to humanistic immigration policy from those feeling threatened by “the others”. The Norwegian event was horrifyingly spectacular but there’s an undercurrent there.


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