Towers of Croatia

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Croatians love their towers. We’ve seen more towers in Croatian towns than in any other place in Europe, and most self-respecting villages have at least one, if not more. They vary in shape and size, but they’re all quite beautiful and unique:

Main tower in Diocletian's Palace in Split

Main tower in Diocletian's Palace in Split.

Some of them reminded us of Cornell’s McGraw Tower (no examples here, unfortunately), and others reminded us of Cal’s Campanile. The one below looks a lot like that iconic tower on Berkeley’s campus:

Tower in Trogir's main square

Cathedral tower in Trogir's main square.

Close-up of Trogir's cathedral tower

Close-up of Trogir's cathedral tower.

Another cool tower in Trogir

Another cool tower in Trogir.

Church towers in Zagreb

Church towers in Zagreb.

Church steeple in Zagreb

Church steeple in Zagreb.

Zagreb's cathedral's steeple

Zagreb's cathedral's steeple.

Roman column/tower in Zadar

Roman column/tower in Zadar.

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